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Steve Siebold
From the Desk
Steve Siebold, CSP

“Have You Got What It Takes To Produce
Million Dollar Results?”

For most people, the answer is Yes and NO.

Yes, they have the POTENTIAL and TALENT.

No, they lack the BELIEF SYSTEM it takes to ACHIEVE and SUSTAIN World Class Results.

It’s sad, but true.

That’s why you see people who have won the lottery losing it, or getting in trouble with the IRS, or plagued with other self-induced difficulties.

There’s a HUGE GAP between Middle Class Thinkers and World Class Thinkers.

For Example:

  1. The Middle Class competes…The World Class creates
  2. The Middle Class avoids risk…The World Class manages risk
  3. The Middle Class lives in delusion…The World Class lives in objective reality
  4. The Middle Class loves to be comfortable…The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable
  5. The Middle Class has a lottery mentality…The World Class has an abundance mentality
  6. The Middle Class hungers for security…The World Class doesn't’t believe security exists
  7. The Middle Class sacrifices growth for safety…The World Class sacrifices safety for growth
  8. The Middle Class operates from fear and scarcity…The World Class operates from love and abundance
  9. The Middle Class sees themselves as victims…The World Class sees themselves as responsible
  10. The Middle Class slows down…The World Class calms down

The list of subtle distinctions in thinking between these two groups is endless, but the bottom line is simple: The average person getting average results is a product of Middle-Class BELIEFS. And the only way to transcend this limited level of thinking is through World Class Programming.

“Middle-Class Thinking is the Thought Virus of the Masses. The Majority of People Infected Don’t Even Know It.”

“Most people are relegated to MIDDLE-CLASS RESULTS because of their MIDDLE-CLASS PROGRAMMING”

All of us learn and develop our beliefs as children from influential adults. Parents, teachers, coaches, ministers, community leaders and others convince us certain things are true and others are not. They tell us what to believe and what not to believe. They tell us what we’re good at and what we we’re bad at. They teach us how to understand the world---through THEIR eyes. And all they can possibly offer us is THEIR belief system and THEIR perceptions most of which were probably middle class or below.

This programming process went on for 18-25 years, and by the time we were ready to venture off on our own, our belief systems really weren't ours. In reality, our beliefs were simply a conglomeration of opinions and philosophies from other people who influenced us as kids.

They Didn't Mean to Hurt Us…

The people that passed on their limiting beliefs didn’t mean to limit us to a life of middle class results…but that’s all they had to give. The good news is it’s possible to take back control of your thinking and upgrade every limiting belief you’ve ever had.

“But You’ve Got To Get Honest with Yourself… Maybe More Honest Than You’ve Ever Been In Your Entire Life”

The first step in the process of moving from middle-class to world-class beliefs is clearly identifying the philosophies and ideas you absolutely KNOW are FACT. The things you KNOW are a FACT make up your belief system.

For example, I used to KNOW that making money was difficult. I heard that statement from childhood through college, and I reinforced it by repeating it to myself and others over a period of YEARS…and I experienced it when I landed my first job. My experience gave me the proof I needed to solidify this belief, and that’s all I needed to insure my behavior would follow right behind.

“Making Money Takes Hard Work and Sacrifice”

This is another global belief I brought into adulthood. And any first year psychology student can tell you what happened next:

My Beliefs Directed My Behavior.

Now don’t get me wrong: I wanted to make a lot of money. I had the desire. But since I had these limiting beliefs I strived to keep working harder and harder, always searching for more difficult jobs. I knew my approach was right, and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I couldn’t make more than $40,000 a year.

“Then I Started Hanging Out with Wealthy People…and Asking Them What Their Secret Was…And Here’s What They Taught Me:”

Over and over, they would say:

“Steve, making money is easy. It doesn’t come from hard work. It comes from LEVERAGE.”

I would push back and they would laugh, telling me that I would never have money until I changed how I thought about it.

I didn’t get it and it made me mad! How dare they assault a belief I’d had since childhood!
I knew they were wrong!

The Only Problem Was They Were Rich and I Wasn’t.

So after a few years of making fun of them with my middle-class buddies, I decided to take a leap of faith and give THEIR BELIEFS a try.

At first it was really uncomfortable, but after a few months, I kind of got addicted to it. The thing about world-class beliefs is they are DEVOID of FEAR. The great ones spend the majority of their time in a mindset of love, abundance, and gratitude…and the bottom line is it makes you FEEL REALLY GOOD!

In what seemed like a coincidence, big things started happening to me. I started associating with successful people I never had access to before. Somehow, I was attracting them. Business offers started coming in, and money became easier and easier to earn with each passing year.

I KNEW something was happening to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I went to the library and checked out every psychology book I could get my hands on. After several weeks of study, I found the answer:

BELIEFS dictate BEHAVIORS…and BEHAVIORS dictate RESULTS. So if you want to get better results, start by upgrading your BELIEFS.

Now I was REALLY EXCITED…because what was happening to me finally made sense. I was ATTRACTING world-class people, events, opportunities and circumstances into my life by the way I was BEHAVING. And my new world-class behavior in business began with a single belief upgrade from “Making money is difficult and takes hard work” to “Making money is easy through leverage.”

At the risk of sounding like one of those cheesy, late night infomercials, I’ll cut the story short and get to the point: My results with money went through the roof. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened.

“I was stubborn and slow, and I held on to my middle class beliefs like a drowning man clinging to a life preserver”

Upgrading a major belief can be upsetting because we use our beliefs to create order and make sense of the world. It can feel threatening to consider the idea that a belief you’ve held for 25 years is completely false and limiting. This is one of the reasons most people would rather not discuss topics in which they hold strong beliefs. The very thought of someone challenging their beliefs or having an opposing belief is so daunting they fear it could ruin the relationship.

“Never, ever, discuss religion or politics in mixed company”

Many people become highly offended when they hear beliefs opposite of their own. Our beliefs create our perception of the world, as well as how we fit into it. Security is one of the most powerful human needs, and our beliefs give us the contextual framework in which we give organization and order to an otherwise infinitely complex equation. Our beliefs lead us to believe we understand how the world works and the role we play. This gives us a tremendous sense of comfort and offers the emotional security we desperately crave…even if our beliefs our completely delusional, false or wrong.

But It’s Not Just About Money…

Upgrading your beliefs from middle class to world class applies to every area of your life you choose to apply it to. A couple of years ago I went to my doctor for a check up and told him I was experiencing shortness of breath. He said,

“Steve, you’re 40 pounds overweight. Of course you’re experiencing shortness of breath.”

That’s when I revealed a belief I didn’t even know I had:

“Doc, isn’t it natural for me to gain weight as I get older. Isn’t that the way the body works?”

“Not if you manage it correctly” he said. There’s no reason you can’t maintain the same weight you carried as an athlete when you were 22 years old”

My Doctor instantly SHATTERED my limiting belief. 12 Weeks later I was 40 pounds lighter. Upgrading this one belief literally changed my life.

But here’s the real problem…

Most of us have no idea we are carrying around hundreds of middle-class beliefs that are holding us back from living a world-class life. The only reason I discovered it was because I was lucky enough to gain exposure to some of the biggest thinkers in the world.

“I Thought I Was a Big Thinker Until I Started Hanging Out With The Great Ones”

I quickly realized that I wasn’t a big thinker AT ALL. Truth be told, I was a dues paying, card carrying, well entrenched member of the MIDDLE-CLASS THINKERS CLUBand I had my mediocre results to prove it.

So, as Paul Harvey say’s, “Here is the rest of the story:”

I fell in love with world class thinking and decided to devote my life to reprogramming myself while teaching others to do the same. In a few short years I experienced world-class success beyond my wildest dreams. And whatever I’ve been able to achieve is due to the new language I learned from the great thinkers I had the privilege to spend time with and get to know. I spent most of my life speaking “Middle Class” and getting middle-class results. Now I speak “World Class” (at least most of the time) and I’m getting world-class results.

And here’s why…

The Language you speak creates and reinforces your BELIEFS…which dictate BEHAVIORS…which manifests RESULTS. So if you UPGRADE the language you speak to yourself and others to world class, you begin exhibiting world-class behaviors, which naturally manifest world class results.

So here’s the FORMULA that changed my life:

PROGRAMMING (Language and Pictures) creates BELIEFS, beliefs create BEHAVIORS, and behaviors dictate RESULTS.


So what’s the catch?

The only catch is most of us are surrounded by middle-class thinkers, and access to the world class is difficult to gain. That’s why I created this album. I’ve recorded dozens of the best world-class thought processes, philosophies and beliefs I’ve gathered over the last 20 years interviewing the great ones around the globe. All you have to do is listen and incorporate them little by little into your daily life.

Research shows that the best way to learn a NEW LANGUAGE is to thrust yourself into the environment in which that language is spoken. We learn to speak the language of our native country (for the most part) by listening to our parents and family members as infants and toddlers. They speak, and we mimic and imitate them. Then we go off to school and learn how to polish what we’ve learned. But the fact is that most of the work had already been done by SHEER EXPOSURE and IMITATION.

That’s the idea behind "The Making of a Million Dollar Mind", but in a much more efficient, effective, methodical manner. All you have to do to gain the exposure you need to world-class language is listen to these MP3’s in the background of your life. You don’t even have to pay attention to what’s being said. Play them like you’re playing the radio as your doing other things like exercising, working in your office, driving, getting dressed, taking a shower, answering your email, cooking dinner, and any other activity that doesn’t require dead silence.

Your Conscious Mind will fade in and out of what’s being said, but your Subconscious will absorb every word. Even if you don’t consciously process a single word, you will notice that you feel better when you play these MP3's. The reason is you’re listening to a language that has no fear based thoughts whatsoever. Fear based words remind us to always be on the lookout for the bad things that might happen. Love based language reminds us of our goals, dreams, opportunities, talents and ambitions. World-class language is the ultimate language of love and abundance. It makes us look forward to the future, grateful for the past, and focused on the present.

Who has time to recite affirmations every day?

Reprogramming your thinking by reciting affirmations has been used for decades, and it's an effective method of building new beliefs. It’s just not very efficient in modern day life. WHO HAS TIME TO RECITE AFFIRMATIONS? We’re all running nine hundred miles an hour attempting to balance our work and family lives. We’re exhausted at the end of the day and really don’t need another activity to add to our schedules. And that’s one of the reasons these MP3's are so effective: Because you will actually USE THEM because they blend beautifully into the background of your daily life.

“No Hard Work…No Long Hours. Just Consistent Exposure to World-Class Thought Processes, Philosophies, and Beliefs”

Listening to these MP3's immerses you in the thought processes and philosophies of the world’s greatest thinkers and achievers on a daily basis. It’s like being surrounded by world-class thinkers all day long!

Mom was RIGHT…And Dr. Albert Einstein agreed.

I’m sure your Mom told you the same thing my Mom told me growing up:

Mom: “Be careful who you hang around, because you will end up being just like them!”

Einstein: “Consciousness is Contagious”

Once again, Mom (and Einstein) was right! We become like the people we spend the most time with. We adopt many of their habits, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

That’s why this album is so powerful. Listening to the language of the world-class is contagiousness. It feels good and it’s fun to absorb because it’s FEARLESS! The world-class see the world as their playground where every dream is possible and every dreamer is limitless. After a few weeks of listening you’ll start thinking bigger and believing anything is possible.

FOR SALE: World Class Beliefs: $29.97

Million Dollar Mind - Buy Now!!Million Dollar Mind - Buy Now!!

Are you willing to invest $29.97 to build a bullet proof belief system that has the potential to catapult your consciousness and super-charge your thinking? Do you believe it’s possible?

“Only you know what you have to gain from making this investment and what you have to lose if you let the fear of loss stop you.”

Let Your Kids Listen with You. Get the Whole Family Involved!

Imagine what it would be like to be raised with world-class beliefs. The advantage you would have had! Why not give your kids this priceless gift?

We get so much feedback in our Mental Toughness University program from parents who decided to involve their kids in the reprogramming process. It’s heartwarming to hear their stories. These kids have been trained to recognize middle-class language when they hear it and know exactly how to upgrade it to world class. The impact this will have on their BELIEF SYSTEM is HUGE. These kids will grow up believing ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I hope you will give yourself and your family a shot at world-class results with this album. I’ve dedicated my life to studying what makes some people so much more successful, fulfilled and happy than others. After 20 years of research I can honestly tell you there is nothing more important than world-class programming. It’s the foundation of what makes the world-class great.

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Million Dollar Mind - Buy Now!!Million Dollar Mind - Buy Now!!

Here’s to all the World Class Success, Fulfillment and Happiness that you and your family deserve!


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